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Buy VIP - Lietuviams, Russians, Ukrainians
You will get these Privileges:
- In the server 4slots is reserved for vips
- 2x damage.
- 100 armor each round. (CT)
- 3 ammo pack instead of 1 for dealing 1500 damage to zombie.
- 200 helth regain instead of 100 on infecting human. (Zombies)
- You can jump 3 times in the air.
- 2 ammo packs for killing an enemy.
- 2 ammo packs for infecting human.
- Admin say - can write at the side. (@ your text)
- Slay/slap - amx_slay name, amx_slap name.
- Respect for the player.
- Collaborating to server maintenance.
- Much easier game (VIP menu)
If you have any questions, feel free to skype me: 
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